By Fred Newtz

Measuring a room for anything is a hassle. Walls are hardly ever 100% straight and this guide will help you to effectively and efficiently measure a small rooms surface area so that you can put in vinyl floor tiles.

First lets get to the things that you will need to measure your small room for vinyl floor tiles. You will need enough tough paper pieces to cover the area of the room you are looking to floor. You will also need a very generous amount of tape, a wide straight edge (otherwise known as a level-checker), hooked blades and a utility knife. The vinyl that you buy should be an inch or two larger than the approximate surface area of the room that you are looking to tile.

First you will need to clear everything from the room that can be moved. If you are flooring you bathroom and out of necessity cannot move certain things (such as the toilet bowl and basin as the most obvious examples) then you need to work around them. Following this, you will need to tape enough paper to cover the floor. At this point you needn’t cover the entire surface are of the floor or be especially accurate. A good rule of thumb is leaving about an inch or two around the sides free. The reason this does not have to especially accurate is because you need the inch or two that you have left to tape the entire paper construct to the floor.

Now is the time to use the straight-edge. Take the straight-edge and go around all the room, laying the straight-edge against the wall and to make sure that everything is level. On the other side of the straight-edge, make a marking on the paper that you have previously taped to the surface area of the small room.

Carefully pick up the paper and lay it on the vinyl that you bought, matching any pattern you have in mind to the most important view of the surface area you have measured. Using the lines that were made earlier, place the straight-edge on the lines and make markings on the vinyl (duplicating the margins of the room). Carefully cut your vinyl floor tiles with a hooked flooring blade in a utility knife.

Always make sure that the paper you are using stays put while you are measuring and cutting, as even the smallest mistake could look really bad once you have finished. If you need to cut a circle, such as a drain pipe or the aforementioned toilet bowl, you can simply use an old medicine container or glass / metal bowl from the kitchen to force the knife into an even and circular motion.

This is by far the best way to measure out your small room to lay the vinyl floor tiles that you have been wanting to put in. It is a relatively fast, very affordable method to make the flooring as easy as possible without hiring expensive labor.

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