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Water Damage Inspection for Kitchens
by Ashley Ford

Despite being one of the most frequently used and cleaned rooms in your home, a kitchen is quite often overlooked when it comes to signs of excessive moisture and impending water damage. Keep an eye on these high-risk areas of your kitchen to help prevent damage from water or the need for mold remediation.


The area behind the refrigerator is hard to reach and therefore is rarely ever inspected. Periodic inspections will help to greatly lower any chances of water related issues.

If there is moisture behind your refrigerator is a major sign of a problem. Any signs of moisture or leaks should be repaired as soon as possible. Hire a repair technician if you have problems making the repairs. Be sure to clean any mold that may have grown or spread underneath the refrigerator too.

Check the hose of your refrigerators icemaker to be sure that it is properly sealed and securely attached to the water supply line. Consider installing a steel-braided hose for longer life.

Check to see if your refrigerator has a drain pan. If it does be sure to check the pan often to be sure it is clean.

Cooking Range

The cooking range is one of the most popularly overlooked areas of the kitchen since it is not directly related to water.

However, it is important to inspect your stove for any signs of water or moisture. If you do find any water or moisture, be sure to thoroughly dry and clean the area. Make it a priority to locate the source of water or moisture and make any necessary repairs.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans help to maintain a low humidity level.

Be sure to clean exhaust fan filters regularly to help prevent dust and the accumulation of mold. This helps to ensure smooth air circulation and adequate ventilation. Check the exhaust fan to make sure it is operating properly.

Helpful Tips for Water Prevention in the Kitchen

Make sure the refrigerator is clean behind and underneath.
Refrigerator coils should also be vacuumed.
Make sure the area under the stove is also clean.

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