Looking for new carpeting for your Bay Area home. Here is a great source of information on the many different types of carpet.


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Carpet and Rug Cleaning Tips By Chris Thomas

Like everything else today, rugs and carpets need special care to ensure long life. Regular cleaning, using proper treatments will help extend the life of your valuable investments like rug and carpets.

Before shampooing a carpet, vacuum it thoroughly to remove grit, dust and crumbs. Move the furniture out of the room or stack it at one end. Choose a day when you can open the windows to let the carpets dry naturally. Use a special carpet shampoo and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Always check first that the color will not run by rubbing an unobtrusive area with shampoo solution. Start at the corner of the room furthest from the door and work back across the room to avoid treading on the damp area. Cover an area of approximately 1 square yd at a time, drawing the brush head of the cleaner towards you in strips across the area until no more water is drawn back into the head. Allow the carpet to dry thoroughly before replacing furniture.

Regardless of whether your rug is a cut pile or loop rug, vacuuming is the basic and primary step for caring for your rug. Rugs are exposed to endless mistreatment, such as treading feet, dirt, dust, oil and spills of all sorts. By frequently vacuuming, you can prevent soils from building up. Vacuums with good suction are recommended to lift surface dirt. This especially applies to looped rugs where damaging the loops is possible. Cut pile rugs on the other hand, require rougher treatment. Besides removing surface dirt it is necessary to agitate the pile to loosen the dirt which may have sunk to the core. These rugs require a vacuum with a beater or brush bar to lift the residue embedded in the rug. While vacuuming remember to never allow the soil storage bag to become too full or dirt may escape the vacuum.

Even though vacuuming removes a lot of soil, oily substances deposited on the rug also pose a problem. If left to pile up, these oils cause matting due to the pile sticking together. Gradually the rug starts to form ridges and the colors dim. If not removed when first noticed, it becomes hard to clean. It is, thus, advised to clean your rug when dullness first starts to appear. There are many ways to clean your rug but almost all require clean clothes or paper towels, warm water and a cleaning substance.

Some professional companies like Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning Manhattan are providing their services with the best offers and with special coupons.

About the author:
This article is all about cleaning your valuable carpets and rugs, the importance of cleaning through various methods etc. Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles and Rug Cleaning Manhattan are such professional carpet cleaners giving you all the aids in cleaning your carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstered furniture.

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By Shane Hester

So you have a new house and you are looking for ways to spruce it up. You have read countless magazines on home decorating yet you have not been able to decide on which part to start on. Why not start first on deciding on the carpeting to be used. It adds a nice touch of color and style to every home. It also adds to the comfort that your family and visitors feel whenever they are in your place.

Costs Involved

The total area of the areas that you wish to carpet will determine the total cost of your carpeting. The whole house need not be carpeted for there are areas that don’t need it like the kitchen or the basement. Focus only on the areas of your home that your visitors will see such as hallways and the receiving area. It would be great to for carpets to be installed in the areas where your family will be spending lots of time in like the bedroom. You can go to your local home decorating store to check on the samples of carpeting that they have. The material and kind of the carpet will determine its price. Of course, stain-proof carpets are more expensive than the regular plush ones because of the extra feature that it has.

You should however consider the area where you will place it when you purchase one as well as the people who will be living in the house. If there are children, investing on stain-proof carpeting will be cheaper in the long run because you won’t have to buy the cleaning materials often to remove the stains. The cost of the cleaning materials should also be considered when deciding to carpet areas of the house. You would want to maintain the good condition of your carpet so you must have it cleaned every now and then.

Maintaining its Good Condition

Carpeting the whole house is indeed not a cheap project to undertake. Add to the fact that even after you have installed it, you must take the necessary steps to maintain it. There are cleaning materials that you can purchase at your hardware store.

However, you must read its ingredients and make sure that you have place to store it if you have kids and pets. You can schedule a monthly cleaning session to make sure that your carpet stays clean and fresh smelling. You can also buy stain spot removers so that you can easily clean the mess up when accidents happen.

Dust is one of the major factors that add to the degradation of the quality of the carpet. All homes are plagued by this problem so the best way to fight this is to vacuum the carpets at least once a week to collect all the dust that has settled in the fibers of the carpet. This way, you can prolong the lifespan of your carpet.

If you are the person who has a busy schedule, you can get the services of a professional carpet cleaning to do the cleaning of the house carpeting for you. However, services like this don’t come cheap especially if they have other things that need to be done like stain removal and disinfecting of the whole area. But if convenience is what you are looking for then this is the way for you.

Having well maintained carpeting adds a nice touch to your home. Your visitors would surely appreciate the efforts that you put in maintaining it for it is usually the first thing that they notice the moment they step in your house. Your family will appreciate it too for having a clean house means having a healthy family.

People will appreciate your home because they know that you take the extra steps in maintaining it starting with the way you have maintained the good condition of your carpets.

About the author:
The best carpet company in Florida is Naffco. They sell and instaal carpet and have great, fast carpet installers.

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By Alfred Halfnight

While hardwood, laminate and parquet flooring sales have been over the rise during the last decade, carpet is making a comeback and still beats the competition hands down. End of tenancy and carpet cleaning companies agree that, with an immense selection of colours, styles and fabrics, low cost and hassle-free cleaning and replacement, carpet is still the best bet and here’s why:

Comfort: nothing says home like plush, warm carpeting in your sitting room. You will be creating a more inviting atmosphere as well as an energy-friendly one, as your carpet acts as an extra insulating layer, saving you on home heating bills. In the current cold spell, this is a huge bonus. Rather than freezing your tootsies off padding across a cold hardwood or tile floor during the winter months, you will remain warm and cozy and keep money in your pocket in the process.

Cost: despite the decrease in laminate and hardwood flooring costs, carpet remains the cheapest option for home and office alike. Cleaning and refurbishment of wood or tile floors is time consuming and cost and labour intensive and needs to happen far more often than professional carpet cleaning.

Independent London end of tenancy cleaning companies report laminate and hardwood in need of replacement three times as much as carpets. Proper hardwoods require constant treatment at considerable expense and, let’s face it; a floor buffer is going to take up a good deal more room in your pantry than reliable old Henry Hoover.

Cleaning: while “easy cleaning” is a big selling point for laminate flooring, this is not always the case. Dragging a Swiffer across the floor once a week may seem like a hassle-free task but this is only the half of it. Nicks and scratches caused by kids, furniture and stiletto heels require more than a damp cloth to get rid of, and it will cost you plenty to do so. Reputable laminate and hardwood repair companies are hard to find and can be expensive when you do. Carpet cleaning, on the other hand, is widely available and, given a healthy degree of competition in the business, increasingly affordable.

Taking into consideration the average lifespan for laminate flooring, about five years, and the repair and refurbishment costs involved, a well cared for carpet will last up to three times as long and pose far fewer hassles. When you’re next out shopping for new floors, keep comfort, cost and cleaning in mind and chances are you will be coming home with beautiful new home carpets.

About the author:

Alfred Halfnight is a London-based freelance journalist with a mission to make you a better, cleaner, happier human being. He enjoys writing articles about the obscure facets of modern life, and thinks this is what Kafka would have done if he lived in the twenty-first century.

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Helpful Tips For Cleaning Your Carpet
By Thomas Kerrin

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices in the world, but cleaning those beautiful carpets can present quite a challenge. While a clean carpet is a thing of beauty, a soiled one is not only unsightly but can be unhealthy for the family as well. Soiled carpets can provide hiding places for dust mites, fleas and all manner of vermin, so cleaning those carpets carefully is a healthy thing to do.

When determining the best way to clean your carpet, it is important to first determine what type of carpet you have. There are many different materials used to manufacture carpets, including cotton, silk, wood, sisal and silk. Each kind of carpet will require a different kind of cleaning, so it is important to determine what kind of carpet you have in order to clean it properly.

After you have determined what type of carpet you have, the next step is to choose from among the many carpet cleaning solutions on the market. While vacuuming the carpet using the right attachment is always an important first step, deeply soiled carpets will generally need additional cleaning, such as steam cleaning or other measures, to get back their original color and appearance.

It is important for the cleaning method and cleaning solution you choose to be able to deeply penetrate the fibers of the carpet. Depending on the thickness of the carpet and how severely it is soiled this can be quite a challenge. It is important to look carefully at the capabilities of the various carpet cleaning solutions in order to choose the right one for your home.

One of the most popular forms of deep cleaning for soiled carpets of most materials is known as hot water extraction. The hot water extraction method is also known as steam cleaning, and while it should not be used on wool carpets it is an effective method for other materials.

The steam cleaning method uses heat to bring the embedded particles of dirt to the surface, then uses a pressurized cleaning agent, which is injected directly into the carpet pile, to extract those embedded dirt particles. The hot water extraction method does require the use of heating or fans to dry the carpet. It is important for homeowners to realize that this drying may not be included in the normal steam cleaning service. When ordering steam cleaning for carpets it is important to ask this important question.

Not all carpet cleaning methods require the use of water, however, and the dry extraction method can also be an effective way to clean the carpets. The dry cleaning method of carpet cleaning uses detergents, which are added to the carpet and designed to attract the embedded particles of dust and dirt. A vacuum cleaner is then used to remove both the detergent and the dirt particles which have attached themselves to it. This dry method can be a good way to clean delicate carpets that could be damaged by the steam cleaning method.

No matter which method you choose to clean your carpets, it is important to give them a good thorough cleaning on a regular basis. Not only will a well maintained carpet maintain its good looks but such a well cared for carpet will typically enjoy a longer useful life as well. Tearing up old carpet and installing new rugs is nobody’s idea of a good time, so making those existing carpets last as long as possible is a worthy goal indeed.

About the author:
Floor Selection’s are experts in carpet and timb
er flooring
with enen more great ideas.

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By AJ Drake

Carpets-and-Area-RugsWool hearth rugs are both decorative and functional. They are used to provide protection for the underlying floor from sparks and burning coals that may escape from your fireplace or wood stove. They are also used for decor as well as comfort when kneeling in front of the fireplace or wood stove during routine maintenance.

Fire Resistance Wool is a natural fire retardant. It has a low rate of flame spread. This means that if that if you put a burning coal on your wool hearth rug, the wool where the coal was placed would char. The char is insulating and self-extinguishing eliminating the further spread of fire.

The charring results in less smoke and toxic gases that other flooring materials. A wool hearth rug also will not melt or drip which could cause more problems for the underlying floor.

Wool carpets have long been used where safety is a priority, such as trains and air crafts. Wool is also used in clothing for fire-fighters and others that have the threat of fire.

Water And Stain Resistance Wool fibers are hydrophobic which means they repel water. If something is spilled on the wool hearth rug, the spill will want to beed up and not soak in. If stains do occur, they can be cleaned with water and a natural product such as vinager.

A Rug Of Many Colors Wool has the ability to readily accept dyes and retain the color. This makes for some beautifully colored wool hearth rugs with some great patterns.

You will find <a href=””>hearth rugs</a> in many styles and colors. There will not be a problem finding one to fit in with the color scheme of your room. They are also very decorative. There are Oriental hearth rugs, contemporary hearth rugs, standard braided hearth rugs and everything in between.

Wool hearth rugs have many uses and benefits. Whether you are looking for comfort, style, or more importantly protecting your family and home, you will find it all in a wool hearth rug.

About the author:

AJ Drake webmaster <a href=”“>www.fireplac</a> <a href=””>hearth rug</a>

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