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Customers always have questions concerning  the hardnesses of the many different hardwood flooring products on the market. Below are listed the relative wood hardnesses for many of the commonly used wood species in the flooring installations industry.

These ratings were done using the Janka Hardness Test, which measure the force needed to embed a .444 inch steel ball to half its diameter in a piece of wood.

The higher the number the harder the wood. Although this is one of the best methods to measure the ability of wood species to withstand indentations, it should be used as a general guide when comparing various species of wood flooring.

The construction and finish also play an important role in the durability and ease of maintenance of any wood floor. These are the basics regarding hardwood flooring types and their hardnesses. If additional questions pop up concerning hardwood flooring wood hardnesses please consult a local flooring installations expert.

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Wood Species Hardness Rating
Douglas Fir 660
Southern Yellow Pine (short leaf) 690
Southern Yellow Pine (Long leaf) 870
Black Cherry 950
Teak 1000
Black Walnut 1010
Heart Pine 1225
Yellow Birch 1260
Red Oak (Northern) 1290
American Beech 1300
Ash 1320
White Oak 1360
Australian Cypress 1375
Hard Maple 1450
Wenge 1620
African Pedauk 1725
Hickory 1820
Pecan 1820
Purpleheart 1860
Jarrah 1910
Merbau 1925
Santos Mahogany 2200
Mesquite 2345
Brazilian Cherry 2350

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By Paul Brown

Hardwood FlooringIf you are considering renovating your home and replacing your old floor with hardwood floors then you have taken right decision. There are many benefits of hardwood floors and you might want to take a look at the benefits it has to offer. They have always been beautiful addition that changes the whole atmosphere of your home. Hardwood floors not only reflect your personality and style, but also increase the value of your home especially, if you are considering selling it.

The best thing about hardwood floors are that though they are bit expensive compared to carpet, they are less costly than marble and ceramic tiles. Hardwood floors, if maintained properly can last for a hundred years or more because of its durability and solidarity. The benefits of this kind of floors are endless. Due to its nature, hardwood can withstand regular wear and tear even in heavy traffic areas on the floor. But it should be kept in mind that it can easily develop scratches if it comes in contact with any object with sharp edges.

People who have installed heaters underneath their hardwood floors to keep it warm and cozy during winter must know that hardwood acts as insulators and thereby traps heat from heating units. It is a great replacement for homes which has ceramic or marble floorings. So, don’t be surprised to see that your neighbors come to your place frequently than ever before.

Apart from these benefits it provides health benefits also. As solid hardwood floors do not retain moisture, they are sealed and prevent the growth of molds and fungi. You can easily maintain your hardwood floor by mopping and sweeping. In cases where hardwood floors lose its shine and wax, you can refinish the floor after stripping it. Once the floor is sealed, floor spills will have no effect from mop water.

Hardwood floor perfectly fits into any design layout and is perfect for homes which undergo constant redecoration. No matter which color or furniture you choose, hardwood floor will surely match and increase the beauty of the home. Hardwood floors can be painted easily unlike carpet or laminate flooring. Hardwoods are available in different colors and types. People prefer Oak wood because they are durable and add class to your home. So, if you are looking for an alternative to your old carpet, ceramic or laminate floor, then solid hardwood flooring is the perfect
solution to redefine your living.

About the author:
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By Allision Kraft

Bay Area Hardwood Flooring Showrooms

Bay Area Hardwood Flooring Showrooms


Nothing makes a house interior look better than wood flooring but what should you be looking for when picking or installing a wood floor? In this article we’ll briefly look at the key points.

Firstly, nothing is more important than your own preference and
personal choice. It is after all you who has to live with it. It is not only the look that is important but also the feel and little aspects like the sound. Have a look at some examples and get an idea of what you like. A good hardwood wooden floor will last a long time, a lifetime even and when it starts to look old and damaged it is quite easy to refinish to get it looking new again.

The type of wood and the type of flooring are very key factors. They tend to come in three types and these are plank, strip and parquet. Planks are the most traditional but used a little less these days. In this type of flooring the planks of wood which are usually at least three inches wide if not more, are screwed or nailed to the flooring material below. Parquet is composed of little strips of wood patterns, often in geometric designs which are laid out to form an entire floor and the most popular flooring, strips, are similar to planks but thinner and again are nailed to the base flooring underneath.

Once you have looked at how you want your wood floor laid out, the type of wood, the hardness and the grains are now key factors. The type of wood will influence the colour and the durability and the colour can further be affected by where on the tree the wood is cut from. Of course, wood flooring can be stained later to adjust the colours and this can be adjusted and altered slightly in the future if you don’t like the stain any more or fancy a complete colour change.

About the author:
The Article is written by providing Wooden Flooring and Hardwood Flooring Services

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By HSW Floors

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Easy tasks need not be termed in complicated phrases, and one example is that of maintaining your hardwood floors. Even though your hardwood floors may be delicate and easily scratched or tarnished, you can still take the necessary steps to avoid these damages. You always need to be careful with handling your floor space, especially if your hardwood floor type is one that is exotic, expensive, or rare. Remember that prevention is always better than cure, and repairing hardwood will be harder than just trying to keep it as good as it is.

Maintaining your hardwood floors can be done with these steps:

*Never allow damaging liquid substances to stand unguarded on your floor. Once they seep in into the material, you’ll have a big problem.

*Use rugs or carpets on areas with high traffic (this pertains to areas where people most often pass by) to avoid scratching from heels, rubber soles, and other footwear underlining or furniture stands.

*Use pads on furniture legs and when moving them around, use rugs underneath or avoid heavy dragging and try lifting them as much as possible.

*In cases of extreme climates like temperatures that are too high or too low, use either air conditioning units or humidifiers in the winter season. Without these, your wood floors are subject to damage from heat (damage to natural colour) and shrinkage due to cold.

With these tips, maintaining your hardwood floors will never be a difficult feat to achieve, and the beauty of your home or workplace will be preserved.

More Info Investment-Grade Flooring – Hardwood
flooring can be a great investment for your home. With proper care, your wood floor will never need to be replaced, adding a lifetime of value, style, and quality to your home. But watch out for the “surplus” and “discount” stores with their pricing gimmicks and so-called “special deals.” Most of these over-hyped products are really just over-priced and don’t have a chance of standing up to the abuse that an active home will see.

About the author:
HSW Floors is a Dallas
Hardwood Flooring
company specializing in the finest Wood Floors in Dallas,
Texas. Contact them for information at

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By Cee

Bamboo FlooringBamboo is gaining popularity as a viable alternative to hardwood flooring primarily due to its resistance toward moisture and insects. Bamboo flooring looks similar to the one made of hardwood but significantly better in terms of strength and durability.

Most of the Bamboo flooring products are manufactured in the Asian countries, especially in China. In the most common method of making these products, bamboo stems are cut thin and flat to similar lengths which in turn are nailed down to pieces of wood or bamboo itself. The flat bamboo pieces are either strained and varnished or used as it is.

Many of the flooring options available in US markets use processed or treated bamboo. Harder floors are made by boiling the bamboo pieces in a mixture of boric acid and lime which are then dried and shaped. Softer ones are made through what is
called a carbonizing process where the pressure and temperature are controlled. The carbonized bamboo has a more brownish color as compared to the processed ones.

Two types of flooring are done using bamboo panes called vertical and horizontal. In vertical Bamboo flooring, the pieces are held vertically on a plank which is also vertical and then laminated on the side. In the case of horizontal flooring, the pieces are arranged in horizontal direction and joined on the side using a laminate system at high pressure. While the vertical flooring looks more uniform, the horizontal one shows up the bamboo nodes occasionally. While installing, individual flooring planks are locked to each other using the interlocking mechanism. By changing alignment and color, various styles of flooring can be produced.

Bamboo has gained the reputation of being eco friendly and rapidly renewable material due to its special characteristics. It grows very fast as compared to other trees and do not get destroyed once it is cut. New plants come up from the stubs
itself. The growth is very rich and the cut bamboos are replenished within a few years.

About the author:
More information, click bamboo flooring or Bamboo flooring makes economic,
environmental sense

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By Caitlina Fuller

Do it Yourself

Adding brand new flooring to your home is a terrific way to transform your home’s interior and with the correct hardwood flooring tools and some basic direction, the task can be done by any homeowner who is a bit handy.

Concerning which type of wood flooring to go with, you have many choices to consider. If you would like something other than a common pine floor, perhaps some of the more exotic types of wood such as Brazilian Eurcalyptus, Gingerwood or Cocobola would interest you. Many people today are choosing bamboo wood flooring due to it being very eco-friendly and easy to care for and because it is similar in strength to hardwoods.

Once you have the flooring type chosen, it is time to begin. In order to ensure that your new flooring does not squeak, you should lay a layer of rosin paper on top of the sub floor so that wood-on-wood noise is prevented. Instead of nailing the floor down as you go, you may wish to consider laying out the floor first so that you can plan for the use of the longest pieces and be ready for any problems. It is always a good idea to do a ‘dry-on’ as mistakes can easily be made. The nice thing about wood flooring is that it is easy to cut compared to tile floors that require a wet saw tile cutter. Once you have pieced the floor together, being the process of attaching it to the sub floor.

You should lay the long pieces first and nail them into place. Take extra care when laying the very first piece because if not laid straight, it could cause all of the others to be out of alignment. Once the majority of the floor is laid, you now can begin to size and nail the shorter pieces around door jams or any other obstacles there may be. It is always best to purchase more wood than you think you need as even the best floor installers make mistakes when puzzling the last portion of the floor together. Remember to nail the boards tightly and keep the back loose. Using a pneumatic nail gun that hides the nails in the tongue of the board is recommended.

Once done, give the floor at least three days to acclimate to the temperature and humidity level of your home and do not be tempted to move furniture into the room until this ‘settling’ period is over. Laying your own flooring is very rewarding and sure to save you hundreds of dollars, if not more and it should last for many years if cared for properly.

About the author:
Caitlina is a freelance writer.

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