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Ceiling Tiles

Whether you are planning on tiling awkward sloping ceilings or have decided on having a tiled ceiling design, there are many tiles in which to choose from for ceilings. Ceramic Tiles are ideal for ceilings and will add a finished and smooth appearance; the one advantage of ceiling tiles is an overall smooth finish that if done properly, will last the test of time.

Years ago tiles used on the ceiling were incredibly popular and fashionable and it was common place to have ceiling tiles especially in the kitchen, this trend began to fade some years ago but ceiling tiles are now having a revolution as they once again become fashionable. The advantages of ceiling tiles is that they give such a brilliant finish and many tiles can be repainted very easily making remodelling or redecorating very simple.

Drop ceilings as they are called are additional ceilings installed over existing ceilings and more home owners are opting to make real focal points of drop ceilings by installing mood lights and tiling. There are many different tile materials which can be used for drop ceiling, ceramic are a real favourite, stone tiles and plastic are also ideal for drop ceilings.

Many home owners opt for ceiling tiles in bathrooms especially if ventilation is limited, tiling ceiling areas can limit the damage from mould, steam and moisture and they are very easy to clean. Tiles on the ceiling also add to the elegance and style of any bathroom with a wide range of colours, designs and styles available. Shower areas are another ideal place for ceiling tiles and because it is a relatively small space, this is a good place to experiment with design styles. A decorative design choice is to use the same uniformed colours on the floor and ceiling of the shower with a different colour on the side walls which will compliment the floor and ceilings.

If ceiling tiles are used in the bathroom area they will almost certainly have to be sealed to prevent them from absorbing water and moisture. The kitchen area also will require the tiles to be sealed and this way your tiles will not become damaged and will last the test of time.

There are many tile options when it comes to ceiling tiles and you first need to establish your budget before deciding on what tiles you want. Many tiles companies are more than happy to discuss options available and give you any more information you may need.

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Tile choice offer a wide variety of Tile choice for the walls and floors, we also offer advice and information on Tiles and Tiling.

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By Richard McIntyre

Kitchen TilesDesigning your kitchen can be a real task if you do not have a good layout. This is the room where the family may spend the most time hanging out and having dinner or conversations. A kitchen should be designed in such a way that everyone can move around comfortably and have enough space. There is nothing like coming in a kitchen and feeling cramped and cluttered. With a kitchen being as functional as it is, everyone will want to be comfortable in its design. You not only have to make it work for you, but for your entire family.

One of the main things to keep in mind when coming up with your ideal kitchen design is the kitchen work triangle. The triangle is a popular design layout that shows you how your sink, refrigerator and stove should be properly set up in the kitchen. Using the work triangle will help maximize the use of your kitchen space better. Once you evaluate your work triangle, you can make the other kitchen space work for your other appliances such as the dishwasher or microwave. If you use these other items more than you use the oven or sink, you may not need to enforce the work triangle into your design. The shape of your kitchen will also have an effect on how you position your work triangle.

Your kitchen counter will be the most functional piece. Everything you do will rest on the counters. There are various styles and colors to choose from. Counter tops should be chosen carefully. Since most food will be prepare on them, you will want to make sure you do not get counter tops that can crack or stain easily. It should also be easy to keep clean and sanitary. Counter tops can crack, but depending on the material they are made up of, it is possible to sand out the cracks. You want counter tops that are within your budget, trendy an easy to install. Counter top designs and colors should be an attractive compliment to the other appliances and features.

The work triangle helps to make for an easy clean up; since you do not have far to carry food, there will be less chance of spills. If your flooring tiles have a minimal amount of gaps or seams, less dirt will collect in them. How much cleaning you do to the floors is contingent upon the type of tile or material you put down. Keep in mind that while ceramic flooring is elegant, you have to sweep it every day. Cabinets are easy to clean if they have a ‘baked on’ finish. Cabinets with a high gloss finish are easy to wipe down when you see the dirt on them. Cabinets should be easy to open using no more than 2 fingers. Inserts put in the cabinets and drawers will make for an easy cleanup. Having a sink that under mounts makes mess on the counter easier to clean.

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Want to find out more about kitchen design layout, then visit Richard McIntyre’s site on how to choose the best small kitchen design for your needs.

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By Joe Wallis

Tile Removal

Tile Removal

The first thing that you should do whenever you are going to install a new set of tiles on the floor of any room in the house is to take out the worn-out tiles prior to beginning with the installation. Another suggestion is for you to inquire from professionals and ask them for advice or to research about it before you begin working, similar to other kinds of renovation work. Even as a number of people will not find it difficult to remove tiles, you would not know what to do until you will be able to consult an expert. You will be able to do a satisfactory job in taking out the tiles provided that you stick to the procedures in this article on what you need to do when you are removing tiles.

Since a number of rooms inside the house are used more often compared to others, they are often worn out faster than the others especially with the way they are used. Among the rooms that often have badly worn out floors are the bathroom and the kitchen. You may have to install brand new and elegant tiles to replace the ones that already look old and worn out. Even though it may not sound easy to do and may take a long time to finish, you might as well work on it if you have a couple of weekends available to work on it since you will reap the rewards of your hard work later on. Even if the adhesive that was used in installing the tiles are heavy duty, the equipment that you will use in removing the tiles will be suitable enough for the job.

The image of yourself on the floor struggling to remove each and every tile on the floor may have crossed your mind. But the good news is that image in your mind is not accurate since the procedure in taking out the tile will not take forever to do. I also experienced the sense of relief after learning that it will not be necessary to stay on the floor for a number of hours just to remove worn out tiles. Safety will always be the foremost concern whenever you want to remove the tiles. Have your gloves and goggles ready due to the dust and dirt particles that might fly off when you know how to take out the worn-out tiles on the floor.

If you are fascinated by the demolition and wrecking of things, you will find the next step fun to do. Simply get a hammer and start smashing the tiles one at a time. Try to control yourself since things can easily go wrong, however be confident enough to enjoy yourself during the job, As soon as the tiles are destroyed and smashed into smaller pieces use a power scraper with a long handle to sweep the floor. You will be able to take out any of the extra bits wedged against the floorboard using the tool as a broom. Once this is done, take all the large and tiny pieces of tiles out of the room and vacuum it to remove the dust particles from of the room. With this you should already know how to properly remove worn-out tiles from the room.

About the author:
Joe Wallis edits, which offers a free course that instructs people about how to remove old tile and other tile setting matters.

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By Jordan Rocksmith

Picture of Bathroom Tile

Tile is a long lasting and effective product that can be used throughout your home. From countertops to flooring the options for where you can place tile are limitless. Tile is extremely durable and long lasting. You will easily find that it comes in many forms, colors, shapes and styles. Whether you are
remodeling your home, or constructing a new home tile should always be considered as a primary option.

Tile can be easily maintained and clean making it easier to keep your home sanitary. Tile is made of many different materials that consist of stone, marble, or a man made blend with sand, stone, color, and the compression of ingredients that create everlasting durability that easily suits everyday living.

Whether industrial, commercial, or residential tile is the product of today and our future.

When going to purchasing tile you can find it through a home improvement centers, contractors, or directly through flooring manufacturers.

When searching for tiles for your walls you want something smooth with a glassy texture that will be easy to wipe in-case something is spilled on the wall you can just wipe it up easily. Searching for flooring is different.

While searching for flooring you want to find the tile with the highest quality. When seeking tile for your floors it is good to look for tile that has more slip resistance than others. Slip resistant tiles are made with sand causing a bit of a rougher surface, they are still easy to clean and wipe up. Sand tiles are safer for your home, especially in areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. Tiles that are made with sand can last 20-30 years longer than most of the other tiles you may find today.

Tile is truly the flooring of the future so if you want to set your house up for increased value install tile today.

About the author:
Kelly and Glenn’s ( specialty is Granite Countertops. Also offer one of the largest selections of Tile in the area.

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By Jacob Oramy

Ceramic tiles have emerged as the most popular, versatile and beautiful tiles options available to the homeowners today. These tiles are available in wide range of sizes, colors and designs. Whether you intend to set a new bath or remodeling a traditional look for your kitchen, you can always have a handy option of fitting a ceramic tile. It works equally well for flooring, countertop, backsplash or wall.

In simple terms, Ceramic tile is a mixture of clay which has been shaped and heated at high temperatures which results in its hard body. This hard material is then left untreated or it may receive a glazed wear layer. In its most basic form, ceramic tile is clay with colored glass coating packaged in a box.

Selecting ceramic tiles can be fun at the same time confusing. The market is flooded with several varieties, patterns, and colors of these tiles. The entire house, especially the bathroom and kitchen dramatically transforms with the installation of these tiles.

The first step is to choose the right kind of tiles. It is recommended that you consult a tile installer or a retailer and get the right combination of looks, durability and even price for a particular season. There are myriad tiles available in the section of ceramic tiles; this means that you will definitely find the right kind of tiles available for your bathroom or kitchen. You need to consider certain before you visit a ceramic tile store, like you should be aware of tile size that you are looking for, the color, texture and even the budgetary concerns. Having a good outline of what you require and you are looking for will help you to streamline your choices easily.

Once you have decided upon the tile of your choice, your next step is to weigh the installation aspects. Kick start the installation procedure with a clean, stable and a firm leveled surface, apply the mortar, lay the tiles and then let it dry properly. The tiles should be left to settle for at least 1 day is most. However it is important to remember the fact that the drying time depends on the characteristic and size of the installation. As the mortar gets completely dried then you need to apply the grout. Grout is the substance that fills the seams between the tiles and it also prevents the dirt and the moisture to get in between as well as beneath the tile and further it increases the life of the tile flooring, countertops and even walls in the restroom.

Ceramic tiles are an excellent material for tub and shower walls. It can withstand excess moisture, is easy to clean and maintain and durable enough to endure a lifetime of hot, soapy soakings. Still, tiles need some care and maintenance. Tiled walls are only as strong as the thin grout joints between the
tiles. Once the grout starts to soften and crack, it hardly takes time for water to seep in and damages the mortar and drywall behind the tile. The best way to abstain from major wall repair is to re-grout any joint when the first crack or stain

About the author:
Jacob Oramy is a renowned writer who has written several articles on different interior designing techniques and his articles also gives light on the various uses of kitchen’s interior, Ceramic tiles, Granite tiles, Bathroom tiles and Mosaic tiles.

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Custom Tile Experts

The benefits of tile are easily annunciated for there are many. Tile is the most common type of flooring used in both bathrooms and kitchens in the developed world. This has been true for some time because its surface is virtually impermeable.

Another great quality of tile is that it requires minimum maintenance. With carpeting you really need to vacuum at least once a week to keep dust and mold spores from developing within the inner rug fibers. It takes weeks to months for any noticeable type of bacteria to form on the surface of tile
(assuming you do not clean it at all). With a simple dry mop you can clear the tile surface in minutes to leave it sparkling clean. This leads into another important point. You never have to wax, oil, or refinish tile. If you keep it from getting dirty, it will maintain its alluring luster for decades. That something you can count on.

Tile continues to grow in popularity as a floor covering, with good reason. The following is a list of some of the benesits of tile flooring:

– Tile has a natural, handcrafted look that’s durable and easy to care for.

– Tile works well in areas with high foot traffic, and it’s especially suited to entry areas where water and dirt enter the house.

– Design patterns are limitless when using all of the possible combinations of size, texture and color.

– You can further expand your creative toolbox with hand painted tiles and colored grouts.

– By combining various geometric layout and numerous trim tiles your design options are practically limitless.

Benson Mosaics is your #1 source for all your tile needs in New York! They have the largest selection of tile you can imagine that is beautiful beyond imagining. Choose Benson Mosaics for all your tile remodel needs in Queens.

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